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The Dékor Difference

The Leader in Simple Disposal




  • ● No Bending

  • ● No Twisting

  • ● No Squishing

Who’s excited about changing diapers 6,000-9,000 times per child?

Dékor Hands-Free Diaper Pails are designed to make this unpleasant chore as easy as possible for you AND your budget. Unlike other disposal systems where you have to bend over, operate a lid, or shove a soiled diaper halfway inside the pail, Dékor pails are 100% hands-free. After a diaper change, you are likely to have baby in one arm and the soiled diaper in the other. No one has a third hand to operate the diaper pail.

Just STEP on our foot pedal and DROP the soiled diaper through the trap door and then you’re DONE!

Don't be fooled!

Hands-Free means No Touching.


No Assembly Required

Pre-installed with one Full-Size Refill

(A real FULL-SIZED refill, NOT a Starter Refill)

  • 1. Self-Closing Whisper Lid

    Won’t disturb sleeping baby.

  • 2. Reusable Cartridge

    Don’t fill landfills with empty refill cartridges! Dékor is engineered with a quick and easily reusable refill cartridge.

  • 3. Child-Proof Trap Door

    Lock the trap door by simply turning the safety lock.

  • 4. Child-Proof Button

    Front button keeps top frame closed.

  • 5. Child-Proof Cutter

    Child Proof Safety Cutter mounted inside the door.

  • 6. Child-Proof Door

    Access door automatically locks when pushed closed.

  • 7. Don't Waste Bags

    With the continuous liner you only use as much of the liner as you need. No preset bag length.

  • 8. Ergonomic Foot Pedal

    Large, easy to operate pedal for hygienic, easy & safe disposal.

  • 9. Easy Access Door

    Door opens wide for quick and easy emptying.

  • 10. Won't Absorb Odors

    Tough ABS Plastic doesn’t absorb odors, won’t scratch, dent or rust, and can be safely cleaned with household cleaners.

  • 11. Dual Rubber Seals

    Dual rubber seals under trap door and under the lid seals in odors, keeping them out of your nursery.

  • 12. OdorKeeper™ Trap Door

    Large spring loaded OdorKeeper™ trap door lets diaper through and instantly closes containing odors in pail.

    The large opening allows for the easiest disposal of all sizes of diapers including cloth diapers.

Plastic Matters!

ABS (Dékor) vs. Polypropylene (Competition)

ABS Plastic

  1. Closed Cell - Prevents Odors
  2. Color change resistant
  3. Premium Material


  1. Open Cell - ABSORBS odors
  2. Yellows overtime as it absorbs
  3. Inexpensive Material

What About Metal Pails?

ABS (Dékor) vs. Metal (Competition)

ABS Plastic is SAFE to be cleaned with bleach and other household cleaners to sanitize the pail in case of an accident. It does NOT RUST.
Metal can ONLY be cleaned with a dry cloth, according to manufacturers, otherwise it will RUST.

Don't Waste Bags

Kitchen Bags vs.
Dékor Liner

60 Newborn Diapers

A FULL diaper pail worth of dirty diapers!

Dékor refills are continuous liners. No preset length means you can throw away one diaper or a butt load without wasting a whole bag.

Kitchen Bags vs.
Dékor Liner

 5 Size-Four Diapers

Changing the bag after a really STINKY diaper.

It Makes Cents

Dékor refills are the most economical among refill systems

You will change your baby’s diaper 6000-9000 times in the next few years, so why not use a diaper pail designed to save you money on each one of those changes? Compared to other refill systems, Dékor uses less of the refill per diaper than anyone else on the market. What that means for you is simply that you will purchase fewer Dékor refills to do the same job as another brand, meaning you save money in the long run.

Diapers Per Refill

The most economical refill system is the Dékor Plus.

It holds more newborn diapers per refill than the Munchkin® and Genie®, in fact, almost twice as many!

That's real savings that add up over time, especially when you consider that one box of Dékor Plus refills (two refills per box) will hold up to an amazing 1160 newborn diapers.

The Dékor Classic refill box will hold up to 900 newborn diapers and the Dékor Mini up to 600 newborn diapers.

Super Simple to Empty

When ready to empty, open door and pull out the liner...

...cut liner above the dirty diapers with the child safe cutter, tie and throw out...

...then tie a new knot in the liner and you are done!

Cloth Diapers, Too

The Dékor Plus is perfect for collecting cloth diapers. We recommend the reusable and washable Dékor Cloth Diaper Liner that makes using cloth diapers with Dékor even easier (sold separately).

A waterproof coating on the inside prevents leaking and wicking through of wet diapers. It can be used over and over again just like your cloth diapers. Learn More...

Not Just for Diapers

For Pets

Many owners use the Dékor pail as a convenient and odor free way to dispose of pet waste.

Life After Diapers

Dékor Pails don’t go out with the trash once you are finished with diapers. Just pop out the diaper insert and use it in the bathroom, kitchen or garage!