Dekor Refills

Powder scented, strong, and easy to use

Dekor Refills are actually one long continuous liner which means you can empty as often as you want, after that one really stinky change, or when the pail is totally stuffed. Dekor Refills and are available in a convenient two pack. Emptying the pail more frequently will help keep odors in your nursery to a minimum. The design of the Dekor refill puts you in control of how much refill you want to use with each empty.

Save Your Money!

Dekor Value GraphsDekor refills are designed to not only provide protection from odor, but to save you money. Because Dekor refills hold more diapers per refill than the Genie® II Elite™ you will save money through your diapering years by simply choosing Dekor. Learn more...

Which Size Refill?

Dekor Refills for Classic and PlusTo purchase the correct size refill you first need to know which size Dekor pail you have, Classic, Plus, or XL. This information is available on a the label affixed to the inside of your pail's front service door.

If you need more help determining the correct size of the Dekor you have click here.


Eco-Friendly Symbol

We are talking about disposable diapers here, but at least the Dekor refills are made of 20% recycled materials (a mixture of post consumer and commerical). Because you are using less refill per diaper with Dekor, you are making less of an impact on landfills, and in turn the environment.

Biodegradable Refills
Dekor refills are also available in a biodegradable formula that helps them to break down quicker than ordinary refills. As defined (ASTM 1991), "A Biodegradeable Plastic is defined as a degradable plastic in which the degradation results from the action of naturally occuring microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, and algae."

See our Certificate of Biodegradability

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